What’s the surface treatment for welded mesh fencing?

In order to make the welded mesh fencing last longer, anti-rust treatments is necessary as follows:
1. Pre galvanized+powder coating or plastic(PVC) coating, this is the most common type.
There are 3 type pre galvanizing wires:
-Pre electric galvanized: zinc coating: 10-12g/m2
-Pre hot dipped galvanized: zinc coating 40-60g/m2
-Pre Zn-Al wire(galfan wire): 200g/m2

Pre galvanized panels is easily rusing because the zinc coating is less, so we will do powder coating or plastic coating
Powder coating thickness: 150-200 microns, mainly used in inland area
Plastic coating thickness: 600-1000 microns, mainly used in seaside or high corrosion areas

2. Full hot dipped galvanized: zinc coating: 400-550g/m2, mainly used in seaside.

Post time: Aug-19-2022