• Palisade fence

    Palisade fence

    Palisade fence having W or D section type,popular using on the fence market,

    Made of steel pales secured on horizontal rails to a compete panels, and install on super IPE posts, it is a popular security fencing when there is need a security resistance,

  • Palisade Fencing, High Security Fencing Supplies

    Palisade Fencing, High Security Fencing Supplies

    palisade panels is an ancient fence. It originated in Britain. It have very strict BS standards. Palisade is made of 2.0-3.0mm iron plate and pressed into the shape of “W” SECTION or “D” SECTION to increase the strength. In the 21st century, Palisade is popular in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa, Cameroon, Mauritius, Angola etc. palisade panels are fence that is quick to install, beautiful and has a long service life. But it is not as safe as high security fence (358fence 3510 fence).